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über mich.


Let’s be honest, who is really impressed or swayed by a display of boasting?

Maybe that’s why it’s so difficult to write this. So, let me make this easy.

Looking at the photos displayed on this website was probably enough to show you what I’m doing. But that isn’t the only thing one is looking for when booking a photographer, I suppose. I mean, who wouldn’t love someone who takes great photos but cancels on you last minute, doesn’t show up or deliver on time? Right, joking. That is obviously not what you’d get here.

Here’s how it goes:

you contact me, we set a date, talk expectations and equipment and you can be sure that all hell could break loose and I’ll still be there and stick to whatever we agreed on.

Point is, when I’m taking photos for my clients I just do it. Now, you may think “You’ve got to be kidding me. Seriously, come on, a concept is what you need.” What I hope is that when you see my work, you’ll get it. What I am doing is not boring, typical, planned photos, instead you can see passion apparent in every line, the composition and flow of colours radiating

the energy and atmosphere of your brand.

Well, in the end, words aren’t going to cover it, because words isn’t what you’re looking for.

Look at the photos, be assured that you’re dealing with a reliable, focussed and punctual guy who

– I won’t lie to you – does have his own head. Let me run with that and

what you’ll get are photos that come to life.



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